Lunar Eclipse on Night of September 27, 2015
by Keyzine (in Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Taken in the a.m. (above) at 12:25 (Monday, September 28) as the
Earth's shadow removes itself from the moon.
Have no idea how I got this detail with just a snapshot camera
and shaky tripod.... Lucky I guess.
View from our back yard (below), waiting and watching the clouds go by.
A very peaceful time, though exciting too.

And earlier in the evening (Sunday, September 27) we were sitting on the softball
field at our church for a better view (below) of the start of the eclipse.
And hoping for, and waiting for, a break or two in the clouds.
We were not disappointed.

Though initially a concern, the clouds were actually a blessing at times.
And when they did break, was wishing I had the tripod with me.

With halos of orange, the clouds expanded the view of the sunset colors
which were starting to reflect off the shaded side of the moon.  

And now with eclipses approaching full (above),
we headed home as heavier clouds rolled in.

We did not get a good look again until the end.   

Along with, of course, more clouds which were still fun to watch.



    Until next time....
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