Solar Eclipse
Date: August 21, 2017
Location: Fuller Lake, Cumberland County PA
The technique (below): Light projected through binocular lense onto pavement. I had no idea if this would work. Looked for a setting with lots of shade which included also a few spots where, through the trees, the sun could shine through. The idea was that if the overall area was partially shaded that it would be easier to see the projection. What we ended up seeing was a surprise (shown on right). Not only was the projection plenty bright with the sun clearly visible, we could also see some of the leaves and branches that were partially in the way of the suns light through the tees.

(The photo above's timestamp places this at 1:53 in the afternoon, which was soon after the eclipse's start time of about 1:15 for our area.)

After moving to more open areas, and waiting for the eclipse to move towards being more full, we tried with projection onto a more smooth surface (shown right and below).

(The above photos were taken around 2:30 to 2:45 p.m.)
After the eclipse reached its maximum (for our area) and just prior to us jumping in the car and leaving, the thought returned to try again amongst the trees (below).

After returning home, and just prior to the moon moving out of the way of obstruction, got one more view (below) on our patio pavers with branches of the maple tree behind partly in view over the sun. (The time for this photo being 3:35 p.m. The overall time for the eclipse being about three hours total.)

Went out for a hike in the afternoon without knowing what we would experience for the eclipse. Did not expect to actually see anything let alone, to also have a chance to take some photos of the experience... It was a good day....

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