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Year eight and five for five - 2016

New place and two for five - 2015

Miles almost a thousand - 2014

Again with ten - 2013

Then with ten - 2012

This time with four - 2011

What a storm - 2010

Our first ride - 2009


Our Second Year For The Ride (2010)

Previously (in 2009) two of us rode in the "Bike MS To Paradise and Back" - it was our first time participating in this event. In 2010 we repeated the effort by starting up a team for the ride - and rode as the Missing Link Chain Gang.

ms ride 2010

Did not take too many pictures during 2010's ride, though this adaptation of one pretty much sums up the weekend... Saturday - HOT, and Sunday was great - up to the point were the major storm rolled in and they needed to pull us in off the road! (The storm was nasty, and we are grateful that they were looking out for our safety.)
Cool barn near start of Sunday's ride.  
And a stop for "brunch" (we were making pretty good time after an early start).

And about five miles from the end of our ride the storm hit. We hid for cover in a foyer til it passed, and caught up on some zzzs from an eventful weekend.


Yes, these remaining images are of home county - Cumberland.  
On my return, needed to get in another few miles to reach my weekend goal.
All in all, the two days of riding was quite an experience.

Photos from earlier "rides of preparation"...

Messiah College
Covered bridge at Messiah College.
I'm sure we will see more of these in Lancaster County.
(Which usually means some hills are soon to follow.)
Mt Airy...!
"Mt. Airy" - really - I know I got lost a few times,
but I do not think I went that far east.
(I guess it's a different Mt. Airy than where Adam lives in Philly!)

A quiet cemetery on far side of Pinchot Lake.
I guess it was a little warm...!
I now have an excuse for taking so long for the ride...
and taking so many breaks.


Getting bike in shape for a day of riding in Philly.

One of my rides over one of the local "hilltains"
(bigger than a hill, though not quite a mountain).
This one is looking back at Cumberland County on way to
Perry County via Rt 74.

And then back to Cumberland County.
(Having some lower gears would have been nice!)

Wish there was an easier way to take pics - while riding.
Really missed some good shots!
(This one was on Shagbark Lane - with no worry of traffic.)
Children's Lake, Boiling Springs
One of many stops at
Children's Lake in Boiling Springs.
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