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Year eight and five for five - 2016

New place and two for five - 2015

Miles almost a thousand - 2014

Again with ten - 2013

Then with ten - 2012

This time with four - 2011

What a storm - 2010

Our first ride - 2009


Finished our third year...

We finished the 2011 Mason-Dixon Challenge, which was held on Saturday, July 16, 2011. This year there were four of us on the team!
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Finishing the last few yards for the ride. 
It was a great day!

 Then finding out we received a most improved team award,
which was an surprise and an honor.

Training - indoors with Google...

Thanks to our three sons, I am all set for indoor training. With a bike stand, a bike odometer, a table for a laptop, and some custom geek-ery to tie it all together - I can now cycle indoors with navigating controls for touring the globe with Google Earth. If bored with this, I can always just surf the net, or find something to watch online. For more information on the overall setup, please check out Brett's posting on Instructables.com: Google-Bike
    Thanks guys....
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