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This site has primarily been about 
the bikeMS event, though there are
also many other very worthy efforts at
finding other missing links to cures
and for promoting awarenesses.
National Brain Tumor Society
Several of our Missing Link teammates participated in the Boston Brain Tumor Ride - two of which are professionally very involved in neurological science research. Participating and sponsoring this event is one way of supporting their chosen endeavors. For more information, please visit the Cyclepaths Team Site.
Relay For Life
This cause is also close to many of our hearts. In 2013 I was able to walk in the Relay for Life of Carlisle, though last year and again this year, will not be able to do so. Every year we hope to give a shout-out to this event for those that feel a personal connection to its cause. Please check out this year's teams and participants and consider offering your support.

Please visit our "Roll'y Chair" page for more
information about the Whirlwind cause.

Thanks to Jen for her work with the National Brain Tumor Society
and for her putting together the Cyclepaths Team for the
Boston Brain Tumor Ride last year, 2014, and again for this year 2015.
With your help we hope to reach the team goal for this cause.
Please consider offering your support:
Cyclepaths Team 

And now for something a bit different,
(though also with bike wheels)...

Relating to "linking to new solutions" please visit our new page
devoted to a different kind of bike-wheel related activity:
"Roll'y Chair"
We are excited to share with you our experiences with the RoughRider chair and to highlight the goals and efforts of the "Whirlwind" cause.
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To sponsor our ride or walk and for more info:

Facebook: Missing Link Chain Gang


Linking to solutions...