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Two New Wheels, and it Came With Tools!

This site has primarily been about the bikeMS event, though there are also many other efforts being made for finding missing links to cures and for promoting awarenesses.
     Thanks are due to Jen for her work with the National Brain Tumor Society and for putting together the Cyclepaths Team for the Boston Brain Tumor Rides.
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Our first time out...

To our back yard of all places.


Second outing...

A selfie from after our first trail hike.
Yes, the smiles were genuine.


Additional outings...

Doubling Gap; yes, there are limits!
Most trails (such as Rattlesnake Trail, Flat
Rock Trail, etc.) are impassible for us.
A good trip nonetheless.

Three Creek riders:
maybe in training for next year's bikeMS? 

A cross-town and back trip (about four miles)
through Carlisle. A smooth ride considering
the many rough sidewalks and curb cuts.
RoughRider and the Whirlwind Cause

When looking for something different for a wheelchair, we were very interested in finding out what Whirlwind had to offer. This intrigue was not so much for our own needs as it was for what they were trying to do for so many others. For several decades this organization (links to the right) has been targeting their efforts towards reaching the unique needs of the disabled in many different developing nations throughout the world. Please visit the links to the right for more information for I am too humbled at the challenge of summarizing their efforts in my own words. 

     For our own experience with what this chair has to offer, we would like to share with you our experiences. First off, we were very please to participate (through the purchase of a chair) in supporting their cause. Domestic sales are something new for this product, and their BOGO (buy one, give one) idea is really a nice way for us to support their efforts around the globe.


Assembly required...

After assembling, we were eager to give this a try. Our first trip was to the back yard to take a look at garden. Right off the bat we recognized this was going to make a world of difference for us. Who thought a simple trip across the yard could be so much easier!

Mud, Rocks, Sticks, Lawns, Roots, etc...

Day two (our second outing) was to Boiling Springs to take the Mill Race trail out to where it meets up with the Yellow Breeches Creek. This was a short hike we took many times with our children years ago, though it seemed no longer possible for us. Mud, stones, roots, and rough terrain no longer seem as much of a problem; if too rough for the front caster-like wheels, just pop up the front end and push onward with the bike wheels taking over. For us (since "popping wheelies" is an acquired skill) this becomes a possibility by using the handles available for pushing from behind (which is a feature that seems lacking from other all-terrain and sport type chairs). 


First weekend with the chair...

Aside from improved mobility for rougher terrains, our first weekend with the "Roll'y Chair" (a name our granddaughter gave it) involved many hours which also tested it for comfort. Our experience so far with this has also been a positive one. With the posture of upright sitting, ease of access for turning side to side while sitting, the firmness of the frame, the stability of having the front casters positioned to the front of the foot rests, etc., this all seems an improvement over what we had been using for a chair.

     Our first weekend involved many hours of use. On Saturday we made a trip to Doubling Gap State Park and on Sunday, after a full morning at church (with many hours of indoor chair use), we spent the afternoon venturing around town. Took a walk to Letort Park to hang out with those riding in this year's Three Creek Ride, a short walk over to Seven Gables park to take in that trail, a stop by the grocery store, etc. Though our situation is not one of being wheelchair bound, it was still a concern for us that it would be a comfortable experience for extend periods of use. So far so good for what we have experienced.

Weekend two with the chair... 

This also was a great weekend involving many hours of chair use. Saturday we found ourselves, with family, at the Rodale Farm in Kutztown for their Apple Festival. This was a great outing that would not have been possible without this chair.


More adventures soon to come...
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